How long have you been doing photography?

Roy and I are approaching our 10-year mark as photographers! We both started photography in high school and would consider ourselves "professionals" once we started making money off of it. I started this business in 2016 and Roy started selling his fine art landscapes prints in 2014.
We added videography into the mix in 2020. When everything shut down we were defeated, but I looked at Roy and said "We have to do something good with all this time in the house." He took that and ran with it. He taught himself videography and we officially started offering it to our clients in 2021!

How do I book a shoot?

Send us an inquiry with the link below and we will get back to you within 48 hours

How many images will I receive?

Families and Seniors receive a minimum of 45 photos and wedding clients receive approximately 75 photos per hour.

How do I get my photos/video?

Every session receives an online gallery and high-resolution photos in a downloadable form. Wedding clients also receive an organized flash drive.

Do you travel?

Yes, please!!
We are offering discounts for couples who are getting married in our dream locations! Some of these include Mexico, Iceland, Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, The Redwood National Forest, Hawaii, and more!

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround rate is usually much quicker than we promise, but if you caught us in our busy season then:
Seniors and families - 2-4 weeks
Weddings - 4-6 weeks

Do you charge by the hour?

A lot of photographers charge by the hour, but we have a different philosophy. We do not want to be looking at our watches during your wedding and we absolutely do not want you to panic if the wedding does not go to plan. Have you heard that old saying, "Weddings always run late!"
That is why we charge by event. Our packages are designed to cover the entire event no matter what the timeline ends up being. The only thing that we charge by hour is the reception. Our typical reception coverage is for 2 hours, but if you would like more of the reception covered then just mention that in your inquriry.


I am so happy you have found our little corner of the internet! Let me tell you a little bit about us. I am Annie and I am half of this whole, with the other half being my husband Roy! We are the ultimate partners in crime - which is great for you because you get us both. We work as a team to make this business successful. I primarily communicate with clients, write helpful blogs, deliver galleries, run our socials, and do photography. Roy spends his time creating unique and creative videos (including reels), working one on one with our elopement/micro-wedding clients, researching new locations, and the best gear.


Yes - We know this is a super interesting name and yes, it comes with a story. Roy and I met and fell in love back in our college years. We met at Northwest Community College in the Photographic Communications department. I was there because I had dreams of being a wedding photographer. I love love and enjoy capturing genuine connections. I knew that I would need to leave my small town of Douglas, Wyoming, and venture out yonder to a big city (which is why you probably found me as a Utah photographer). Roy grew up in the even tinier town of Grover, Wyoming, and was not exactly sure what the plan was, but he was obsessed with gear and technology. He loved the stars and became an amazing astrophotographer... Are the pieces falling together yet?

We met and immediately fell in love. We took our two passions and combined them, creating something unique and beautiful. It is all very intentional - even our logo has the iconic Heart Mountain. This was the mountain we saw every day and it sits between our college town of Powell and the closest town to Yellowstone, Cody, Wyoming. It is kind of perfect, right? Heart Moutain? It doesn't get much better than that for us. We completely dedicated all of our time to learning photography and enjoying Wyoming because we knew we wouldn't get to live there forever. If we were not in the photo studios, you could find us in Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park. I had a job as a work-study that gave us just enough cash to buy gas and Lunchables. We would jump in my Subaru Legacy and chase grizzly bears, sunsets, and beautiful scenery. We did that every weekend we could until we got that degree.


IT WAS SO DIFFERENT! Everything about Utah was foreign to me. Everything. Roy did not even have a stoplight in his town and we found ourselves in a tiny apartment in South Salt Lake. We arrived in 2018 so we have had time to find our footing here, and we are proud of the unique perspective that we offer to the Utah photography market. We offer a different background and a different view of the world. We paid our bills at first by accepting commercial photography positions that allowed us to work in a studio as a team. Every night we would come home and try to build this business from the ground up, completely from scratch, knowing no one here. When it got overwhelming we would take the weekend to explore a new area and imagine a beautiful couple standing there and we started to get to know the area and create a location guide. Ultimately, that is what we truly love about Utah - the inspiring landscape (although don't forget we are very capable of studio photoshoots as well).


Roy and I are very dedicated to authentically capturing your love. A lot of photographers will tell you they want to be your best friend, and even though I can always use new friends, that is not necessarily my style. I believe that whether these photos are about your graduation, your family, your engagement, or your wedding, the common denominator here is YOU! We show up to make this about you and act as a supporting role on your vendor team.

I am very comfortable suggesting poses and directing you and others through our photoshoot. I find that my favorite photos and video clips are the ones where you don't even notice us, the ones where you are so obsessed with your season of life! We aim to create a comfortable and inclusive environment, and sometimes even act as the fly on the wall. When you look back and think about your wedding, I don't believe you should be thinking about me or Roy, I believe you should be remembering the most amazing moments. We will capture those moments so that you have actual, tangible memories to look at and remember even deeper.

Doing this full-time is our dream. Creating these images and videos for you means everything to us. Being able to wake up every day and work with clients like you doesn't feel like work. That was our small-town dream from the get-go - to have a life we wouldn't need a vacation from.


Things We Love!

Oso Mona (our Goldendoodle)

Luna Moona (Our Labradoodle)


Morgan Wallen, Hardy, and NF

Mexican food

Wyoming Prairies

35mm Film

Yellowstone (the show and the place)

Cooking Together

True Crime Podcasts and shows


Grand Teton National Park

Road Trips (we have been known to drive very long distances so don't be afraid to ask us to travel)

Jack + Coke

Mountain Peaks

Big Snow Flakes That Fall Straight Down